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     Friendship Force of the Florida Suncoast

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To Trujillo, Peru, November 2014 - see PERU tab

Catalog of upcoming worldwide exchanges

Recent Photos

To South Africa 2010 with nine laptops for a needy school

                             Photo by Michael Manning

St. Petersburg International Folk Fair - Travel the World in One Day!

Many of our members participate in this annual international fair: ethnic foods, cultural exhibits, continuous entertainment, displays of student activities. Thousands of local school children enjoy it.

Open World

Our governance program for Ukranian delegates was June 1 - 9, 2013. See Photo page.

To Turkey March 2011

Included a 3-day sailboat excursion around the coast.

Local Overseas Students: Many of our members visit a local college to give overseas students practice in conversing in English

Peru Exchange November 6 - 21, 2014

Our much anticipated trip to Peru is now over, and what it trip it was! The Home stay in Trujillo was outstanding. From the Welcome party to the Farewell party, our home hosts were the epitome of Peruvian hospitality. Soledad, the ED (exchange director) for Trujillo had a marvelous program set up for us. Our first day, to our surprise, we ended up in a parade at the town square, where the "Raising of the Flag" is celebrated every Sunday.

We visited two important archeological sites, Chan Chan and the Temple of the Sun and Moon. We had a delightful lunch at the Lodge, and stables of the Paso horses, and watched a show with the horses and Maranera dancers. We were invited to meet the Mayor or Trujillo and given a tour of the city and the Inca Museum downtown. In the evening our home hosts liked to party! So it was non-stop entertainment and a little time in the afternoon for a siesta. What a memorable exchange, I would definitely recommend an exchange t the Trujillo Club if you ever the opportunity to visit them.

The majority of the group continued on from Trujillo to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. We did have to make adjustments for the altitude in Cusco, and some were affected more than others, but this leg of the journey was spectacular also. We are all proud to say we did hike up and down the stairs at Machu Picchu and what an experience! It was humbling, and awe inspiring, to think here you are standing in the same spot that that was once a thriving civilization, so many years ago. I think I can say on behalf of the group, that this was a memorable trip for all of us. We will have lots to talk about over our Thanksgiving dinner this year!

On a culinary note, some of our members were adventuresome and did try the Peruvian guinea pig dish, Cuyee.

If you would like to see more pictures and videos from the Peru Exchange, click here to see John Conover's youtube presentation.