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     Friendship Force of the Florida Suncoast

Our Recent Exchanges & Events

Colorado Exchange 2 Colorado Exchange 2 Carol, Exchange Director 12920529 Gold Mining in Rockies 12920528 Clyde + Etta & Larry lovely hosts 12955155 Nancy & Carol in Broadmoor Hotel 12920542 Chapel Air Force Academy 12920543 Chapel Air Force Academy 12920534 Carol Millie & Host 12920549 South Park City Gold-mining home 12920550 Blue sky 'Mile High City' 12920535 Denver Lunch 12920536 Natl Earthquake Center 12920537 Olympic City 12920552 Bob on 'Cowboy Horse' 12920538 Gracious host Meg 12960850 Pat in museum 'tepee' 12920553 Gold-mine Paramedic 12956809 Jean Etta 1000ft deep goldmine 12955174 Gracious host Virginia 12960849 Museum bathtub South Park City restored gold-mining town. 12920551 Pat & Evie in 'general stores' 12960977 Red Rocks Amphitheater 12955175