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     Friendship Force of the Florida Suncoast

Our Recent Exchanges & Events

Visit from FF CEO, Jeremi Snook,10-2018 Visit from FF CEO, Jeremi Snook,10-2018 Jeremi's visit (Lf to Rt) Mair, Rudy, Jeremi, Catherine, Jonna, John 205397670 Mac tells his FFI "story" ... Table 1 - Jeremi Table 2 - Jane & Bill, Gladys & Ed, Mair, Sandy, Jonna 205397671 Jeremi's visit Table 1 - Karen, Chuck, John, not visible Catherine Table 2 - Antoinette, in front Pearl, behind Helen, not visible Marilyn Table 3 - Gena 205397672 Jeremi's visit (Lf to Rt) ? Sandy, Chuck, Andy, Jeremi, Mac 205397673